What is and what does a digital trafficker do?

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What is and what does a digital trafficker do?

Within the world of Online Marketing there are several professional figures with high responsibility for the final results of an advertising campaign. One of them is the digital trafficker. That is, the person who is responsible for attracting qualified traffic to a website, with the aim of transforming it into conversions. Let’s see a little more in depth what their work consists of.

  • What is a digital trafficker
    A digital trafficker is one of the most demanded professionals in online marketing. Their job is to develop and implement advertising campaigns on the Internet, in order to increase brand visibility. In this way, the attraction of quality traffic to the website of the company or brand with greater possibilities of being transformed into conversions is ensured.

To effectively carry out this work, the digital trafficker must have a multidisciplinary profile. That is, they must be able to master not only knowledge of advertising on the net, but also of programming, image editing, creativity, copywriting, etc. The more complete your CV, the more guarantee of results you can offer.

  • What are the functions of a digital trafficker
    We are already clear about what a digital trafficker is and what their job consists of in broad strokes. However, this very important professional profile within the world of Online Marketing involves the performance of multiple functions, among which are:
  • Planning of advertising campaigns in Social and Google Ads: once the company / brand objectives have been analyzed, as well as the resources available to reach them, the digital trafficker is in charge of designing online advertising campaigns adjusted to these goals. In the event that the company already has an advertising campaign underway, the digital trafficker has to audit it, in order to review both its strengths and weaknesses.
  • Implementation of digital advertising campaigns: for this, it is necessary to carry out A / B or multivariate tests, as well as the development of the corresponding strategies. Once the strategy is defined, the digital trafficker has to implement the online advertising campaign based on the characteristics of the chosen platform.
  • Digital trafficker specialized in physical businesses: any digital trafficker worth its salt must be able to interpret the information that emerges from their Online Marketing actions. Analyzing and measuring the results is extremely important in this profession, since the control and readjustment for the improvement of the advertising campaigns carried out depends on it.
    Continuous optimization: based on the data obtained in the previous section, the digital trafficker has the ability to optimize the strategies followed so far, with the aim of guaranteeing the achievement of final objectives. These decisions are always made based on the results that are obtained in each campaign or ad group. From there, you can pause, change, or continue with the same advertising strategy.
  • Digital trafficker specialized in infoproducts: a good digital trafficker must know how to communicate with his clients. To do this, you have to schedule regular meetings in which you report on all the work done, as well as its results. Every customer is different. For this reason, it is essential to adapt each of the projects to the needs and profile of the brand.

Projects responsibility of the digital trafficker
There are several ways by which a qualified digital traffic specialist can achieve the objectives of their clients. To do this, you can carry out different kinds of projects that guarantee the attraction of quality traffic. The choice of some and not others will always depend on the type of objectives, as well as the channels and / or online platforms in which you are going to work. These are some common projects for a digital trafficker:

1.  Campaigns in Google Adwords / Ads: this is a job known as search engine optimization or SEM. Due to the high professionalization of Google, highly specialized people are needed in advertising within this search engine. The digital trafficker is in charge of managing advertising campaigns in Google Adwords / Ads, with the aim of attracting potential clients to the company’s website.

2.  Advertising on social networks: social networks have become an advertising platform to take into account within Online Marketing. Digital traffickers know this and for this reason they develop advertising projects adapted to them (Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Twitter Ads, Linkedin Ads, etc).

3.  Content creation for Social Media: content creation is closely linked to advertising on social networks. Adding value to a product or service reduces the aggressiveness of an advertising campaign aimed only at selling. And is that to take away

4.  Design of Email Marketing campaigns: this is one of the most used tools for attracting organic traffic to a website. For this reason, the digital trafficker is in charge of directing projects aimed at the design and implementation of email marketing strategies related to offers, new product launches, special promotions, etc. This strategic capture of leads allows us to manage and update our database to maintain regular and effective contact with clients who are really interested in the activity and / or products of the company / brand.

5.  SEO positioning: quality traffic is achieved through an optimal SEO positioning strategy. Advertising on social networks, SEM or email marketing need a careful selection of keywords. In this sense, the digital trafficker works to get the best possible organic traffic by taking care of the content writing, as well as the architecture, structure and details of each web page.

6.  Launch of infoproducts: infoproducts are training products that are launched through the network, in order to satisfy the concerns or needs of the buyer persona. Or what is the same, the development and implementation of ebooks, online courses, webinars, etc. In this type of project, the qualified digital traffic specialist usually works with sales funnels to achieve the objectives set at the lowest possible cost. The launch of infoproducts requires large doses of creativity that allow the digital trafficker to fight against the strategies of the competition.


Types of digital trafficker
It is easy to deduce that the functions that are the responsibility of the qualified digital traffic specialist will firmly mark their specialty. As we have said previously, the profile of this professional must be multidisciplinary. This gives rise to a typology in which we can classify the different digital trafficker models in:


  • Digital Trafficker specialized in Social Ads: this is a profile with high demand especially in the creation of content for social networks, as well as in the design of info-products.
  • Digital trafficker specialized in Google Ads: his work consists mainly of knowing all Google algorithms, while immersing himself in the management and control of its ad interface for the creation of advertising campaigns (search, Shopping and Display ads) .
  • Digital trafficker specialized in ecommerce: online stores are the natural environment for this class of Internet marketing professionals. These businesses are the ones that most depend on this figure to improve their sales numbers.
  • Digital trafficker specialized in physical businesses: as a counterpoint we have professionals dedicated to positioning in the network of companies with physical headquarters. And it is the connection between the digital and the physical world that is increasingly latent. In other words, the number of people who consult the Internet and then buy offline is increasing. This requires the essential work of a good digital trafficker.
  • Digital trafficker specialized in infoproducts: this class of training products has an increasing market, but also more competition. This situation makes the figure of the digital trafficker more and more necessary for its design and launch on the network.

What should be the training of a digital trafficker
It is well known that the digital world is very large, so qualified professionals are increasingly needed. The digital trafficker, although it may be oriented to one of the aforementioned specialties, also requires continuous training in multiple disciplines. Currently, the pace at which Online Marketing evolves requires constant updating. In other words, a good qualified digital traffic specialist can never be left behind. This means that the success of one advertising campaign can be the failure of the next if the professional is not able to adapt to it.

For this reason, every digital trafficker needs to be trained in:

Online Marketing: Internet marketing techniques and strategies evolve as the profile of digital consumers does. This is the main reason why every digital trafficker must always be up to date with the latest advertising trends on the network.
Networking Network: to complete their career and training, all qualified digital traffic specialists must be in contact with other professional colleagues who can provide them with knowledge and experience. In short, professional contact networks are vital for every digital trafficker.
Consumer psychology: as we have said before, marketing techniques evolve in line with the consumer’s profile. So much so that qualified digital traffic specialists In qualified digital traffic they need to understand their psychology to know what it is that drives them towards a purchase. The process that every consumer goes through until they reach a conversion is really complicated. Many psychological aspects influence decision-making that can ruin an entire Online Marketing strategy (fatigue, emotional situation, distrust, etc.). Everything is intrinsically related to the human mind. From the characteristics of the product / service itself, to the environment where we find ourselves. For this reason, neuromarketing works deeply to make products more attractive and more psychologically accessible.
Tests and A / B test: Test, measure and retest. A / B tests are tests that launch two versions of the same element, with the aim of measuring which one works best. These kinds of tests are really useful to optimize all kinds of Online Marketing strategies. For this reason, qualified digital traffic specialists have to perfectly control its operation to measure behavior patterns and detect improvements in Internet advertising campaigns.

Advantages of having a digital trafficker in your company
If you are thinking of hiring a qualified digital traffic specialist, it is important that you know that this decision can radically change the future of your company. Their highly specialized work can bring benefits to your brand such as:

  • Greater visibility of your business on the Internet.
  • More qualified visits to your website.
  • Increase in the number of conversions.
  • Greater reach and performance of your advertising campaigns on the web at the lowest possible cost.
  • Better SEO positioning.
  • Increased prestige and brand recognition in social networks.
  • Increase in the number of leads or people who show interest in your brand.

In short, a digital trafficker is capable of accessing your potential customers at any time and place. All of this at a much lower cost than an advertisement in other mass media. The ads are shown in a more segmented way so that your investment is much more effective. All these advantages have made the digital trafficker one of the most valued professionals in Online Marketing. His work based only on 100% measurable results makes him the person capable of revolutionizing your business on the Internet.

If you are interested in learning more about this professional profile, ask us for information without obligation. In Quality Level we have the best specialists in qualified digital traffic. Because the best way to believe in something is to see it through your own eyes.

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