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Google Ads allows us to create and manage advertising campaigns on all its platforms, but to get the most out of each of them requires more technical knowledge.


At Quality Score, we take care of optimizing your Google Ads campaigns, increase your conversion rate, reduce unnecessary costs and increase the profit in order that your advertising on Google is the most profitable.

Google Ads Specialists

We increase your ROI and improve your results.

Quality Score

We Optimize Your Conversion Rate

Our Google Ads account managers will take care of increasing the quality score of your ads, improving your CTR and optimizing the conversion rate of your Google Ads campaigns. Besides, they will adjust the bids on your ads daily and manually to have better control over your account and be able to make intelligent investments.

Transparency and Security

We work with real results, not expectations! We believe that sincerity is the best way to build trust. That’s why we maintain constant and fluid communication with our clients. We inform them of the status of their Google Ads and Microsoft Ads accounts and all changes we make to them, thus providing measurable results with Google Ads & Analytics.

Personalized Service

We put at your disposal our team of expert Google Ads managers and all our experience to get the most out of your PPC campaigns. We provide you with a personalized Google Ads account management service, with campaigns and ads designed to give you the best ROI. You don’t need a minimum or maximum investment, we adjust to your budget!


We take care of your advertising on Google and Microsoft (Bing). From the first moment, you will have personalized attention from our Google Ads managers. We will keep you up to date with everything that happens in your Google account through phone calls, regular meetings, and monthly reports.


We seek to give you the best results by making the most of your Google Ads campaigns – Google Shopping, Google Hotel Ads, Display Ads– and PPC.


We want your business to grow with us!


  • Innovative digital marketing strategies
  • Expert Google Ads Account Managers
  • Transparency and measurable results
  • Trust Google Partner Premier
  • Daily review of accounts
  • Increase of the quality score
  • Improvement of ROI
  • Increasement of CTR

Quality Score:




Quality Score


Quality Score

We Increase Your Web Traffic

We increase the quality score of your ads by adapting the message we want to convey to each type of audience. With this, not only we do increase the CTR of your ads, but we also increase your web traffic with low CPCs.


We seek to bring high-quality traffic to your website, so we optimize the bids for your ads to be displayed on the websites and platforms where your target audience is present.

Google Ads Campaign Management

We optimize your Google Ads campaigns daily.

Google Ads Campaign Management

We optimize your Google Ads campaigns daily.

Quality Score


We are a digital marketing company innovative, creative and effective, formed by digital marketing consultants, specialists in Google Ads & PPC. Therefore, you don’t need any kind of permanent contract with us. We want you to stay for our daily work and for the results we offer you. We have our own work methodology and we apply it both to clients who want to invest $500 and $50,000.






Keywords Research

We carry out a keyword research to find out which terms are most relevant to your business and to be able to exclude those that are not. Besides, it helps us know how customers look for the products or services you offer, allowing us to create more specific and relevant ads for the user, as well as adjust bids more accurately.

Quality Score
Quality Score
Quality Score
Quality Score

Keywords Analysis

The objective of keyword analysis is to find high-quality words that allow us to be more competitive and increase the chances of conversion. For this reason, we analyze keywords with different payment tools, to obtain accurate data and complete lists that allow us to create and optimize Google Ads campaigns accurately.