Smart Shopping Campaigns

Smart Shopping Campaigns

After a few months testing this type of Smart Shopping campaign, we have obtained results of all kinds in several of our clients, observing several positive and negative points in these types of campaigns.

The negative point of these campaigns is the loss of control, since this type of campaign does not allow us to manually control the bids on each product we offer.

Despite this, they are strategies that are usually used especially in Ecommerce with small investments in which this type of campaign tends to get good results if we talk about profitability.

These campaigns offer us results in a simple and easy way to configure but forcing us not to have control of the situation.

When we talk about smart shopping campaigns, we cannot know the search terms for which our ads are shown or know in what position they have been shown. We can only see which products have had impressions, clicks and which have had a higher sales volume and cost.

Where do these ads usually appear?

The reach of a smart shopping campaign is much greater than a manual campaign, since these ads can be shown on the search network, display network, gmail or even on the youtube network, thus expanding their reach.

If we add this type of campaign to our account, we will observe that this type of campaign cannibalizes the others and our dynamic remarketing and manual shopping campaigns will be affected, taking all the impressions and clicks from the Smart campaign.

Can I configure where I want my Smart Shopping ads to appear?

We cannot configure in which networks we want our ads to appear and this is the main problem we find ourselves in when we decide to do Smart Shopping campaigns, therefore we cannot know what percentage of the investment is destined for each of the different networks in which it is shown.

Can you tell where the Smart Shopping ads have appeared?

From the automatic placements report, we can see where our Smart Shopping ads have been shown. This report can be customized and you can see the metrics that interest you the most. We can also download it to draw our conclusions in the fastest and most direct way.



Our experience with these campaigns tells us that they are campaigns that for small Ecommerce usually work very well, since in the end what these businesses are looking for is profitability and most of the time these campaigns meet this objective. In terms of experiences with large clients, this type of campaign does not tend to produce much volume and the loss of control has led us to use more manual shopping campaigns as they require greater control of the situation.

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