How does COVID-19 affect Google Ads?

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How does COVID-19 affect Google Ads?

As we all know the situation we are going through with COVID-29 is not to the liking both nationally and internationally. However, we must know how this situation is affecting the digital world, specifically Internet paid advertising (Google ADS)

In this article I want to highlight above all the behavior and the change that has occurred in advertising since the state of alarm was decreed in our country on March 14 until today.


The fall in advertising investment has been reduced by itself, without the need to establish a budget reduction. Searches in sectors such as tourism have been reduced by more than half compared to the weeks prior to the pandemic, leading to a reduction in investment of almost 70% overall.

The number of reservations has been significantly affected, either by the decrease in these or by the number of cancellations that have taken place. Given the climate of uncertainty, many users have not risked keeping their reservations and many have been forced to cancel them.

As the government has established, all hotels must be closed until at least April 11, which is the period in which the state of alarm has been extended, so that the uncertainty in users is increasing

According to Google Trends sources, here we can see an example of how this situation in Google Ads has affected the concern of users.

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Despite this situation, many sectors have benefited, especially those dedicated to the public health and parapharmacy sector, increasing their income by up to 60% receiving the same traffic.

Other vertical sectors have also benefited, as may be the case of distillates, increasing their income by up to 40%.


During this period my advice is to try to get the most out of our campaigns, allocating more budget to what works best and even pause campaigns if necessary until the situation returns to normal, always trying to get the best ROI.

We hope that if you are part of the tourism sector as if you have an e-commerce store, these actions help you to solve the damage that this pandemic is causing in advertising activity. Always with the confidence that this situation is somewhat seasonal and that we will end up having it as soon as possible.


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